The question that I receive the most on all of my social media platforms is “What is a unit?” Now this question can be answered a million different ways, but I can explain to you guys my exact bankroll management in this article.

Let’s start with the age-old question, “How much should I deposit?” Now, the answer to this question is different for everybody. I personally use two credit sportsbooks, along with two offshore books, BetUS and Bovada. I mainly use my credit sportsbooks to gamble on just out of convenience, but once FanDuel and DraftKings become legal in every state, I will convert to those exclusively. My two credit lines are $3000 a week each. I do not need these full amounts, but that is just what I have. Then I keep $200 in each of my offshore betting sites in case there are lines that I cannot find on my credit books.

Now let’s pretend that I did not have my credit books and only used one sportsbook (which I do not recommend). I would treat every Monday morning as a bankroll reset. Since my normal bet size is somewhere between $25 and $100 per bet, I would start every week with $3000 in my account (30 Units of $100.) On Sunday Night each week, I would either deposit to get my starting balance to $3000 or withdraw my winnings that I have above $3000. I do not think I ever lost my full account in a week, no matter how cold I was. Going week by week will keep you level headed. It will also help with determining whether to increase or decrease unit sizes.

My Unit Sizes are as follows:

NFL: 1 Unit = $100

Tennis, Soccer, WNBA, & NCAAF: 1 Unit = $50

All Other Sports: 1 Unit = $25

I came up with this structure based on my skill in the specific sports along with the amount of volume. Now we all know that I am a fairly good capper when it comes to WNBA, Soccer, and Tennis. So why is my unit lower for those sports as compared to NFL? It is quite simple. NFL has less games in a season, so there are less opportunities to bet on. On an NFL week I generally have somewhere between 5 and 9 picks in a full week. With the sports like Tennis and Soccer, I can be placing 5-9 bets per sport in a day. I do not want to be risking a large amount of my bankroll every day because I need to last the full week with the $3000 I start the week with.

A strategy that I would recommend to everyone, is keeping AMAZING track of every bet you place. It does not need to be in depth. It can be as simple as tracking your record in each sport with moneyline, spreads, and totals. This will show you your strengths and weaknesses. I can create a template on this website in the future for everyone to download and use.
How did I decide to make my units $25, $50, and $100? These are just dollar amounts I am comfortable losing. I can go on an 0 for 20 run and still be well off financially in my life. The hardest decision for everyone is determining how much they can lose. There is no simple answer to that. If you are losing sleep or are on the edge with every bet you place, you are betting too much money per pick.

How do you know if you are ready for larger units? Well when you are financially in a position to increase your unit size, then you know it is time. When I started betting NFL in 2017, my units were $25. By the end of the season they were up to $50. In 2018 I started my season with $50 units, then by Week 6 when I was dominating every week, I increased to $100. I do not see myself going higher than that until my financial situation allows it. (I have a house, car, and wedding to pay for over the next few years.) Everything comes down to your own comfort though. Betting should be fun and just extra money in the pocket for luxuries.

You need to realize you will NEVER become rich betting on sports, and it is impossible to make a living doing it. Everyone who says they make a living gambling, really just makes money by writing content just like this article. (Something I would love to do down the line, but I currently do not gain anything financially from Lay The House besides the advertisements and affiliates. This is simply a blog.)

Here are some examples that I tell my friends to follow:
$300 starting balance per week
Unit Sizes:NFL: $10


Tennis, Soccer, WNBA, & NCAAF: $5


All Other Sports: $2.5

On average you will either win or lose somewhere in the $25-100 per week range. Sometimes you will breakeven, sometimes you will not. This is honestly the perfect unit size for anyone in college or just starting out with betting without a full time income.
If you are financially stable you can follow my exact units or even higher than me. If you ever need help determining your unit sizes, do not hesitate to DM me. Everybody has a different financial situation (I am also an accountant.)

Simple takeaways:

1. Start every week with the same amount.

2. Keep a level head and stick to your units. Never chase losses or shoot for big wins because something feels like a “lock.”

3. You will never make a living betting on sports.

4. Re-read #35. Read #3 again.

6. Nobody should ever judge you for a small unit size. Remember, a meal at Chick Fil A is $7.

7. Always treat yourself after a nice hot streak.

8. Do not be afraid to ask for help. This is why I am here.

9. Do not play rigged casino games.

Remember to join our Discord as well. Many people are in there solely to help. My DM’s are also always open in there or on Twitter.

I hope this article helps you in the future. We all have the same goal here of winning money. This strategy will increase those chances in the long term. Please show your support by tweeting the link to this article by clicking here. Or by simply interacting with my tweets of it.

I hope to write many more articles like this in the future, and would appreciate any and all feedback of what you would like to see on here.

Best of Luck!



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